Calling all Combat
Your continued service is needed!
Why join?  Well, for one, we have veterans, their widows and their children to serve.  And
that takes men and women with a sense of purpose and action.  Just like you.  In 2013 our
local Post assist over a dozen families in dire need.  Good folks who needed a hand from
people just like them, who they trusted.  We had their back.  Our teams mobilized to shop,
clean, mow, haul, visit and deliver in order to bring peace and security to these families.

Why join?  Leadership is a skill that needs to be kept sharp. Our Post is looking for leaders.
Just like you.  No doubt you've spent years in military leadership schools.  Keep your skills
up to par by leading a committee, running a campaign, or organizing others.  Good leaders
aren't born that way, they practice and apply their skills.

Why join? Spend some time with the nicest men and women in Minnesota, right here in
your community. We are diverse, committed, and fun. We've no doubt walked
where you've walked and understand the struggles. We enjoy serving and we enjoy
being with others who answered the same call to action.

But there is so much more yet!  Click the "
Membership Application" button above and get
started.  See you soon!